Elon Musk offers to Buy Twitter for $43 Billion, calls it the “Best and Final”

World’s Richest person Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter for $43 billion after taking over a 9% stake in the company and becoming the company’s largest shareholder. He calls the offer to Twitter “Best and Final”.

Elon Musk’s offer of $43 Billion to Twitter accounts for $54.20 per share in cash.

Elon Musk offers to Buy Twitter for $43 Billion, calls it the "Best and Final"
Elon Musk offers to Buy Twitter for $43 Billion, calls it the “Best and Final”

The offer of $43 billion adds up a premium of 54% to the Twitter shares valued at $54.20 due to which the pre-market value of Twitter soared up to 18% with Elon Musk offers to Buy Twitter trending on social media sites including Twitter.
Musk has recently turned down the Twitter Board seat after taking up an extraordinary number of shares in the company.

Musk has, in the past, criticized Twitter on several occasions, from questions about the “Free Speech” on Twitter, which according to him undermines the spirit of Democracy due to the policies of Twitter.
He has also challenged of starting up a rival microblogging social media platform that will be a betterment compared to Twitter, but this offer from Musk states that he is trying to revive the Twitter on his rules, but might stick to his old plan of a new platform if this offer fails.

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