Male Masturbation: Myths Vs Facts

Male Masturbation or Solo sex or Self-Love, whatever may be the name, is one of the most frequent things but the not-so-frequently talked about talking topic, but why?

Masturbation is considered taboo in many parts of the world and it even has several misconceptions attached to it, or one can say superstitions.

But, is it safe to Masturbate?
Let’s find out through some fact-checking.

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Male Masturbation: Myths Vs Facts
Male Masturbation: Myths Vs Facts

Yes, Masturbation among Men is completely safe, and about 90% of men in a study have accepted that they masturbate regularly, and it makes them feel good about themselves.
Let us prove with facts and science why masturbation is good for your body and we will address some of the misconceptions too.

Why does it feel good after Masturbation?

When you masturbate you release various good hormones, which makes your brain get a good sensation. The good hormones are Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and the most crucial Endorphins.

Due to the release of such good hormones Men report better sleep, improved mood, and more focus.

Myth Vs Facts of Male Masturbation

Myth: Masturbation will make a man go Blind or at least make their eyesight weaker.
Fact: Not True. If that was true then the 90% of men who accepted that they masturbate daily would be blind, and factually we do not have such a large number of blinds as yet. Male Masturbation has no relation to eyesight or anything related to it. This myth was promoted as masturbation was considered “Sinful” in the olden days.

Myth: Masturbation causes Erection problems in Men.
Fact: Not True. Male Masturbation does not cause erection problems, but it actually does exactly the opposite of the myth. Masturbation causes the contraction of the pelvic floor muscle which is the most important for orgasms, and when you masturbate, you exercise these muscles and eventually have better erections in the future, and better sex life.

Myth: Excessive/Daily Masturbation reduces Sensitivity in Men.
Fact: Masturbating normally in a certain way or using a device to which your body becomes habitual is important because when you try different techniques all the time, it makes it harder for you to get an orgasm. If you are using a device, try getting fewer stimulations because it really affects the sensitivity and ultimately the orgasm and pleasure.

Myth: You can masturbate too much.
Fact: Masturbating too much or masturbating daily is completely OKAY, but it becomes a problem when it comes in between your day-to-day life, and disallows you to work by giving a compulsive sensation and urge to masturbate, which is tough to ignore.
Worse, you skip on your partner for sex to masturbate.

Myth: Masturbation lowers the level of Testosterone in Men.
Fact: Not True. Testosterone level actually shoots up during masturbation which is completely opposite of the myth. After masturbation and ejaculation, the testosterone level comes back to normal.
This myth is the oldest one, carrying the burden from ancient greek and roman times.

We have addressed the major myths relating to Male Masturbation and countered them with facts, and the conclusion is that it’s okay to masturbate (even daily) but it should not interfere with your daily activities and the use of porn should be strictly prohibited.

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