How India is emerging as the better centre of World Powers?

World powers remain at the centre of all the happenings around the globe as they have forced a Bipolar society, with two sides being either Russia or The United States of America, but mocking the ritual, India has emerged as the next world power, by converting the Bipolar society into a Multipolar world order.

India played essential roles in many world conflicts and issues, such as the Russia-Ukraine war, China-Taiwan conflict, and the Pandemic, and hence has been seen as one of the most reliable powers to find the solution to problems which are constructive looking war as the last option.
Many nations called India to be the Neutral Superpower riding on the backs of diplomacy and dialogue.

World Powers
World Powers

India played important roles in the biggest of the world conflicts and issues, and starting from the days of the Pandemic, India was the most reliable source of medicines and medical equipment to the world, and later became a reliable partner in manufacturing and supplying vaccines for covid to many nations, many of which appreciated India for being a Globalist and not a Nationalist, and playing the role what multinational institutes, like United Nations, should be playing, that saved many lives.

It was the Russia-Ukraine war where the depth of Indian power was measured.
The world was divided into two, one siding with US-led NATO and the other with Russia. Here, India chose to be neutral and decided not to put any sanctions on anyone or supply weapons to the war, and suggested dialogue and diplomacy as the solution.
CIA reports revealed that the Russian President was adamant about using Nuclear Weapons on Ukraine but the Indian leadership intervened and made the Russian side on keeping the Nuclear Weapons option away from the war.

United Nations Peacekeeping operations have seen the largest contribution from India compared to any other nation in the world. India and its armed forces have successfully served in the Middle East, Africa, and other destabilized regions and provided aid to improve the quality of life affected either by natural calamities or terrorism or any other such destructive activity.

Over a long period of time, the Indian economy has been growing by trillions of dollars yearly and has mostly been resilient to the economic shockwaves of the world, because of the people-centric economic policies, which rarely touch its dependence on world economies.

The Indian economy has surpassed many of the European and American nations in terms of valuation and is the fastest-growing economy in the world.

India mocked its past colonizer Great Britain by surpassing their economy and became the top 5 largest economies of the world.

World Power India - Magazine

India has been in the front in almost all regions but is deprived of a permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and that resists India from securing security for the nations of the world, about which many have been vocal, as they trust safety, non-violence and diplomacy for security and stability they want in between the aggressive World Powers.

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