Trump for President, but is he really reliable in office?

The 2024 bid of Trump for President is a ‘for sure’ thing, but how relevant he still is, in the current changing geopolitics and the changed US political dynamics, and will he be a reliable leader for the Americans amid the economic pressure, and someone to trust who can adapt to the changing view of the world towards the west and still maintain his allies?

Trump is seen as a powerful leader, if not with words, surely with his actions, because he broke the old rusted chains of the arrogance of past US Presidents and went a step ahead to establish relations with the nations no one ever thought of, but also fractured relations with the nations called “Allies”.

Trump for President, but is he really reliable in office?
Trump for President, but is he really reliable in office?

Although he might be popular, in recent midterm elections, the candidates he picked lost the winnable seats in many of the red states or regions, on the other hand, the candidates who won the seats were the ones who criticized his work and policies.
Many took trump on the straight hand, on the cases and charges he is facing, from January 6th event to the Classified Files case, everything seems to be on the table as an obstacle to lowering Trump for President bid credibility.

Even in his own Republican party, his popularity has lowered citing his invitation to ‘Holocaust Denier’ and Hitler admirer, and recent polls even lowered his chance of being a republican candidate for the Presidential Election 2024.

Trump might be a visionary or have good insights on the issues, but his unstable decision-making and abruptly changing words are his biggest enemies and makes him less reliable for the seat of President.

The decision of the January 6th Capitol riots is one such example where his reliability was badly hit, following his denial to accept the elections.

These things do contribute to deciding whether he will be a reliable president and whether should he be awarded an opportunity to run on the Republican ticket for the President of the United States of America.

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Trump as a president was highly disliked by the allies around the world, including those in NATO and G20, because of his views on money spent by the USA for the security of NATO nations, and in the east, he went on a trade war with China, which affected the supply chains around the world.

The allies have, in the past, doubted his reliability and trust, but still, he has maintained a popular vote mainly because of his visionary ideas on geopolitics, including what he said about Germany’s dependence on Russia for Gas, and Ukraine’s harm from Russia, everything stood on his court, but only the elections can differentiate the people’s trust and his vote.

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