‘Green Comet’ to appear after 50,000 years to Humans

Green Comet which appeared to humans 50,000 years ago, probably to the ancient civilizations, will be visible to Humans once again, in a rare pass-by closest to earth, and will be visible with the naked eye.

Observers in Northern Hemisphere will observe the Green Comet in January, while observers in Southern Hemisphere will be able to witness the rare comet in February.

Green Comet to appear after 50,000 years to Humans
Green Comet to appear after 50,000 years to Humans

The comet was first spotted through a wide-field survey camera at the Zwicky Transient Facility in the USA and hence it has been named after then as ” C/2022 E3 (ZTF)” and since March 2022 it has been in observation.
It will be visible to the naked eye as well.

Tom Prince and Michael Kelly are the investigators for the comet and have said, “The orbit of the comet shows that it is coming from the edge of our solar system, from an Oort Cloud.”

Oort Cloud in simple terms is the reservoir of Comets or the Home of Comets, and it is theoretically known to be big and spherical in shape and consisting of objects such as Comets and Asteroids.

Next time the Comet is visible to the human race, we might be on another planet or might have been extinguished.

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