Half Moon Bay Mass Shooting Kills 7 People

California, USA:- 7 people were killed by a gunman in a Mass Shooting incident, at two landscaping nurseries at Half Moon Bay, California and one person is reported to be in critical condition at Stanford Medical Center.
The suspect who opened the fire to a crowd, which killed 7 people, is Chunli Zhao, 67 years old and a resident of Half Moon Bay.

Half Moon Bay Mass Shooting Kills 7 People
Half Moon Bay Mass Shooting Kills 7 People

The two locations where 7 people were killed at just a few kilometres from each other. The first location had 4 people dead and three other people were found dead in the second location.
Whereas, the suspect Zhao was caught with a semiautomatic gun in his vehicle parked in a parking lot of the Sheriff’s Office in the area.

“We never imagined an incident of such kind to happen at our San Mateo County.” said one of the locals, terrified by the incident of the mass shooting at their locality.

There have been numerous incidents of mass shootings and this is another addition to that list.

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