Indian Government Bans BBC Documentary on Narendra Modi

Indian Government Bans BBC Documentary which shows PM Narendra Modi in a bad light, and accuses him of the cases he has already been proven innocent, in a move to propagate and create a Hindu-Muslim divide with Narendra Modi at the centre of it.

Indian government bans BBC documentary in a move to uphold religious harmony and protect the dignity of the individual against any false and foreign propaganda, and this prohibits its release, watching and distribution within the Indian boundaries.

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Indian Government Bans BBC Documentary on Narendra Modi
Indian Government Bans BBC Documentary on Narendra Modi

BBC in the documentary has narrated the points regarding minorities, especially Muslims, in India and while showcasing the riots, the documentary drags Narendra Modi into every situation that ever happened since 2001 when he was the chief minister of the state of Gujarat.

The BBC documentary dismisses the Supreme Court verdict indirectly and starts talking about the riots; while stating the Supreme Court verdict, it rubbished the non-involvement aspect of Narendra Modi and goes on to prove ‘How Modi was involved in the 2002 riots’ without mentioning the court verdict in his favour and shreds of evidence available.
This vanishes the credibility of the documentary and makes it look like a propaganda piece and not an informative content to be used for any future work.

As suggested by many, “The BBC documentary creates a divide between Hindus and Muslims of India and is a propaganda piece to provoke anti-social thoughts in the minds of Indians and should be looked at with the same eye.”

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