BBC Documentary Highlights Subramanian Swamy in Two Shades

BBC Documentary on Narendra Modi, which was critical of Modi about his role and involvement in Hindu-Muslim conflicts starting from the 2002 riots to other incidents after he became the Prime Minister of India, got banned in India, citing its nature and agenda.

The documentary had an astonishing detail regarding one of the speakers, who happens to be a BJP member and also a Member of Parliament from BJP, Subramanian Swamy.

This detail about the documentary reflects how BBC moulded the opinion to its own interest for the viewers.

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Subramanian Swamy in BBC Documentary
Subramanian Swamy in BBC Documentary

Subramanian Swamy, who is known of being vocal about any wrong happenings, irrespective of the party, was on BBC’s agenda in the documentary.

While Subramanian Swamy spoke to the BBC on camera, there were titles and designations running next to the speaker.
In episode 1 of the documentary, Subramanian Swamy was called a “Critic of Narendra Modi” when he was talking about Haren Pandya, the former Home Minister of Gujarat, who was suspiciously killed after he talked about Modi’s involvement in the 2002 Gujarat riots, and Subramanian Swamy was seen talking and advocating about a fair investigation on his death.

In episode 2 of the documentary, the designation changed for Subramanian Swamy as “Former BJP MP” when he was talking about the abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir and was in line with the opinion of the Indian government and Narendra Modi.

BBC changed the designations based on what Subramanian Swamy spoke about and not what a single person stood for in broad, and displayed texts that indirectly changed the views of the people watching the documentary about the speaker and making judgements before the speaker uttered a single word.

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