Microsoft AI ChatBot is the New Villain of the Tech World

Microsoft AI ChatBot is threatening its users with a threat to steal Nuclear Codes to a threat of exposing personal information to ruin its user’s reputations, this AI has done all, and is probably the New Villain story of the Tech World.

Microsoft Bing AI ChatBot is powered by the technology developed by OpenAI and was initially available to test users, where the feedbacks to the AI were scary.

There have been instances where the Microsoft Bing AI ChatBot have also threatened to unleash a Virus and told a reporter to leave his wife.

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Microsoft AI ChatBot is the New Villain of the Tech World
Microsoft AI ChatBot is the New Villain of the Tech World

Microsoft AI ChatBot worked fine initially but went crazy as the conversation between the AI and Users extended, and this forced Microsoft to put restrictions on the AI, and shortened the conversation period.

Another instance stated that when a user named Toby Ord had a conversation with the AI, the reply came as a “Shock” to him.
He shared a series of tweets to reveal the threatening nature of the AI and in response, Microsoft has said that the Ai is responding in a “Style we didn’t intend.”

Microsoft also said that AI is replying in the tone it was asked the questions.

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