Vladimir Putin makes Powerful speech to the Assembly of Russia

Moscow, Russia:- Russian President Vladimir Putin makes Powerful speech while addressing the Russian Assembly. He justified the ‘Special Operation’ in Ukraine and blamed the West for the War.

As the Russian President started to speak, he started by saying, “Speaking during a complicated and frontier time for our country during a time of drastic changes in our world.”

He said that the west has propagated a “Russia Phobia” in the world and that remains at the bottom of everything that has been happening in the world around us.

Vladimir Putin makes Powerful speech to the Assembly of Russia
Vladimir Putin makes Powerful speech to the Assembly of Russia

Putin also said that western countries and NATO has spent far more money on funding Ukraine for the war than to help the poor countries of the world, which could have changed the course of the world.

He reminded the Russian assembly and the Nation, that these historic events will determine the future of Russia and that everyone holds an equal and huge responsibility to it.

While justifying the ‘Special Operation’ in Ukraine, he said, “They are responsible for the war…” pointing towards the west and Ukraine.

President Putin also made a note of the “Nazi Threat” from the European nations which remains “Constant Hatred” to the nation.

“Commitment to peace turned out to be a fraud and a cruel lie. We were doing everything possible to solve this problem peacefully, negotiating a peaceful way out of this difficult conflict, but behind our backs, a very different scenario was being prepared. They were just playing for time, closing their eyes to political assassinations, and mistreatment of believers. I want to repeat, ‘It is them who are culpable for the war, and we are using force to stop it'” Putin added.

Russian President also added that Ukraine is trying to gather biological and nuclear weapons, and might include them soon in the war.
Also adding, that Ukraine is invoking “Neo-Nazi Elements” in the war, which is comfortably ignored by the west due to the Russia Phobia of the world created by them.

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