New START Treaty: Russia Suspends Nuclear Weapons Pact with US

Moscow, Russia:- Russia Suspends Nuclear Weapons Pact with US, as announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He declared that Russia is suspending its participation in the New START treaty.

This comes after a series of attacks on words shared by US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, after the Russia-Ukraine War.

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New START Treaty: Russia Suspends Nuclear Weapons Pact with US
New START Treaty: Russia Suspends Nuclear Weapons Pact with US

What is New START Treaty between Russia and US?

The New START treaty was signed between Russia and USA, came into force in 2011, and was extended till 2021.
This treaty decides the number of nuclear warheads the US and Russia can deploy, and allows inspectors of each side to ensure the compliance of the treaty by each other, with 18 inspections each year.

This was the last nuclear pact between the superpowers and now that Russia Suspends Nuclear Weapons pact, it becomes uncertain to how many nuclear heads are deployed in how many regions around the world.

Putin declared this by accusing the US and NATO of their direct involvement with a single goal to defeat Russia in the Russia-Ukraine War.

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