New Earthquake Hits Turkey of Magnitude 5.5

Karakapı, Turkey:- New Earthquake Hits Turkey on Saturday morning, as the country tries to stand back from the previous hit. The Magnitude was measured at 5.5 on richter scale. The epicenter of the earthquake was the Central Turkiye, 9 miles from Karakapı.

This the second lowest aftershock after the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that Turkey experience on 20th February 2023, that killed 6.

New Earthquake Hits Turkey of Magnitude 5.5
New Earthquake Hits Turkey of Magnitude 5.5

Turkey has experienced the worst natural disaster in centuries, with more than 50,000 people dead and many still under the rubbles of the fallen buildings.

International help is always on the way as Turkey requires more supplies for its people with every passing day.

Many nations, such a USA, France, Russia, and India, responded to the Turkish SOS and responded immediate with disaster relief work in the this asian nation.

New Earthquake Hits Turkey as the result of aftershock that comes after a massive earthquake, but can cause damage as it demolishes the existing fractured building and structures.

The Turkish government, along with other countries have evacuated the people from structure that might turn into rubble with coming aftershocks.

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