Arkansas and Illinois Tornado kill 8, panic seen surging

Little Rock, Arkansas:- Panic surges as Arkansas and Illinois Tornado kill 8 with many reported injured in the regions after a storm took over moving through the South and causing devastation to the homes and commercial centres.

At least 8 were reported to have lost their lives in the Arkansas and Illinois Tornado and those injured have been taken to the nearest hospitals.

Arkansas and Illinois Tornado kills 8, panic seen surging
Arkansas and Illinois Tornado kills 8, panic seen surging

A theatre roof collapsed in the Belvidere area of Illinois during the tornado and that alone killed one person and injured 30 people, with many trapped in the debris of the fallen structure.
The fire department said that at the time of the accident, there were more than 250 people inside the theatre and they got the first call at 7:50 pm to which they responded quickly, and the local police department called this whole situation “Chaotic”.

The Little Rock Tornado tore through the shopping centre in the wester part of the area and crossed the Arkansas river in the North side, creating damage all along to the homes, businesses and vehicles, which created panic among the residents of these areas.

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