Boy drowns in Gandhi Talav of Nashik

Nashik, Maharashtra:- A 17-year-old boy drowns in Gandhi Talav of Godavari river of Nashik, where he had gone to bathe along with friends. The deceased boy was identified as Saharsh Rajendra Bhalerao.

Saharsh was a resident of Navnathnagar of Panchavati, where a police case has been registered as an ‘Accidental Death’ by the officials.

Boy drowns in Gandhi Talav of Nashik
Boy drowns in Gandhi Talav of Nashik

Saharsh was along with his friends in the Gandhi Talav, which is fed by the Godavari river, and at around 4 pm Saharsh found himself in a panic when he could not judge the depth of the water where he was and drowned.

River lifeguards, who were stationed by the Godavari river took Saharsh out and was immediately taken to the Nashik Civil Hospital where he was declared dead by the medical authorities after trying to revive him many times.

Gandhi Talav is located adjacent to Ramkund in Panchavati in the holy city of Nashik in Maharashtra, which has its ancient relations to the times of Lord Ram.

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