Visa Sanctions on Pakistan by the United States of America.

April 29, 2019, The Liberacy:- On Saturday, the US added Pakistan to its list of 10 countries that refuse to take back its citizens for over-stay on Visa.
The sanction on Pakistan was imposed under a US law that might ban Pakistani citizens from the Visa to the US.

Pakistan International Airlines.
Pakistan International Airlines.

The US said, that the Pakistani government has refused to take back the deportees and visa over-stayers in America.
The State Department even said that Pakistan has remained “Unchanged” even after informing several times.

The United States has a list of such countries that refuses to take back the deportees. This list includes Ghana, Guyana, Gambia, Cambodia, Eritrea, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Burma, and Laos. The newest and 10th member to join the league is Pakistan.

Pakistan has been facing criticism on several fronts, including terrorism and support to terrorism. The new Imran Khan government has been blamed for the failure, that eventually occurred over a period of two decades.

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