Japan Tremors at 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake

June 19, 2019, The Liberacy:- Japan on Wednesday, felt earthquake tremors on its mainland and it was measured 6.7 on Richter scale. The earthquake caused the power loss in many regions with the closing of some high traffic roads temporarily and affecting the railways’ service in major.

Japan Earthquake.
Japan Earthquake.

The earthquake came from the south-west of Sakata. The 6.7 magnitude earthquake had its center near the seacoast region between Niigata and Yamagata province. The Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA) released a Tsunami warning looking at the intensity and location of the earthquake. However, in the next 3 hours, the Tsunami warning was lifted making it safe form a big disaster.

According to a report, Tsunami waves were seen in Sakata, Sado, and Wajima but it only reached a height of 0.5 meters. In the wake of the intensity, many houses faced power failure and a massive blockade in public transport, causing the closure of bullet trains, that affected nearly 10,000 people.

The earthquake intensity caused the collapse of many structure and buildings in the region and also caused landslides. Being aware of the critical situation the administration urged people to mark themselves safe by getting away as the risk of shocks repeating was high. Rain is expected in many areas.

An emergency response team was formed at the Prime Minister’s office to assist the emergency works and help the injured. Experts have been given a task of verifying the damage to the buildings, as it may result as a potential threat.

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