Trump campaigns for his return: US Presidential Election 2020

June 19, 2019, The Liberacy:- Trump on Tuesday, while speaking in a gathering at the Amway Centre Arena, kicked off the start for his election campaign to run for the US Presidential office yet again in 2020. He stood tall and said, “Today I stand in front of you all, to begin my election campaign for the second term as the US President.”

Donald Trump
45th President of United States Donald J Trump

It was in Orlando, Florida where Trump stood at the Amway Centre Arena to announce his re-election candidature. Trump began his campaign with Mansa and while addressing a rally in the suburb of Pittsburg, he asked his supporters about, what should be our new slogan for 2020 elections? And answered himself to it by saying, “Keep America Great” relating to the previous slogan “Make America Great Again” as he aims at keeping the ongoing progress smooth and lasting.

According to a news agency, Trump also covered many key points in his speech, including economy, security, government policies, and immigration and hopes to have his work bridge him the seat to The White House.

In 2016 elections, the Republican Party candidate, Trump was criticized for his remarks on immigrants, women and foreign policies and after the elections, the Russian part was accused of lobbying and interfering for Trumps win.

Although all the breaking news of 2016 has gone to deep freeze now, it will be exciting to see what issues come up this time. Will he return for the second term?

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