Plant 10 trees for Gun License

Ferozepur, July 30, 2019, The Liberacy:- Gurpreet Singh Sandhu a resident of Jhok Hari Har Village in Punjab waited for his Gun license approval for over a year now. He Applied for a 0.32 bore revolver.

10 saplings for Gun License
10 saplings for Gun License

After a year-long zero response from the administration, last month Sandhu got a response from the Ferozepur administration, asking him to apply for a license again but this time he must plant 10 saplings and take a selfie with each of them and attach it to the file. Otherwise, the application for the gun license will be rejected.

Sandhu got different saplings planted near his house, along the roads and also to his farm. The tree planted has to be well-taken care and need to submit fresh selfied next months, otherwise, the license will be rejected. Now I am eagerly waiting for the approval, Sandhu said.

New orders have been included on June 5, when district commissioner Chander Gaind got this innovative idea and issued the order, saying, this is our little step to a green India and healthy society free from diseases.

Since the orders have been issued, administration hot 21 new applications and each of them have been reviewed on the same basic grounds.

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