Kashmir Gambit for India’s Opening Move

Kashmir Gambit might be an unknown opening for the Chess community, but very well known among the leaders of Delhi and Islamabad, and with the slashing off of the Article 370 and Article 35A, which abolished the separate constitution for Jammu and Kashmir and opened the territory just like the rest of India to the world and development, India has played an Opening Move for Kashmir.
Pakistan obviously did not like the opening move by India and is seeking an Umpire or an Arbitrator to make India take back its opening move.
But, like in Chess, when you touch a piece and move it, you can’t take that back.

Kashmir Gambit
Kashmir Gambit

Is Kashmir Gambit played by India a correct move?

The answer is Yes and No.
Article 370 and Article 35A were slashed off from the Indian Constitution by India in 2019, but the Indian Government also bifurcated the state of Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.
A point to notice here is that Jammu and Kashmir is a Muslim Majority region and Ladakh is a Buddhist Majority region and the Government of India has created a Buddhist Majority territory of Ladakh next to a Buddhist Majority China, and a Muslim Majority territory of Jammu and Kashmir next to a Muslim Majority Pakistan.

The Opening Move by the Indian Government is an unfinished business, and if there is a change of power in the future and a less competent leader sits on the apex post of India, this move might backfire, just like it did for Jawaharlal Nehru and might force the future generations to accuse bad for Narendra Modi of his actions, just like many did with Jawaharlal Nehru’s way of handling the Kashmir issue.

Kashmir Gambit, led by Modi is a slow unfinished business, caused first by the leaders of Kashmir and then by the Pandemic. But, the NDA-2 Government should be determined of taking bold steps before 2024, because that’s where the uncertainty of Kashmir will start and is mostly a downfall if the current government loses its majority.
Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) along with Gilgit and Baltistan is claimed by India and the legislative assembly still reserves the seats for MLA from these regions only to be kept vacant, as Election Commission cannot conduct elections in POK for India. But, before Election Commission, it should be the Indian Government to take a hold of POK just like VP Menon did after the Independence of India with many princely states.

Who is the next VP Menon and Sardar Patel of India?
The answer is kept secret for the future generations, based on the actions of the government in present.

The first step of an unfinished partition has been taken but just not yet gripped to the grounds. Kashmir is currently a Nuclear flashpoint among the neighboring nuclear states and true rivals, which could have been avoided if Mohammad Ali Jinnah respected the Instrument of Accession of Kashmir to India, which was the chief document during the partition on deciding on which region goes to India and which goes to Pakistan, neatly signed in presence of the Viceroy from England, Lord Mountbatten.
Seeds of partition sowed by the stubbornness of Mohammad Ali Jinnah created a hell in the heaven of Kashmir, based on religion and on the wish to lead his own country.

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