Amenorrhea: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Amenorrhea is a condition that refers to mensuration and the basic definition is “the absence of mensuration”. There are two types of Amenorrhea depending on the underlying conditions, it is classified as ‘Primary Amenorrhea’ and ‘Secondary Amenorrhea’.

Primary Amenorrhea is the condition when a woman suffers the absence of mensuration and has not experienced her first period by the age of 15.

Secondary Amenorrhea is the condition of absence of mensuration in a woman for a period of three months or more in a row, although she might have had experienced mensuration and periods in the past.

Treatment for Amenorrhea depends on the underlying condition,



The symptoms along with the absence of periods depend on the condition and may vary from person to person. But some common symptoms are,

  • Hair Loss.
  • Milky Discharge from Nipples.
  • Headache.
  • Vision fluctuations.
  • Facial Hair growth.
  • Acne.

What causes Amenorrhea?

It becomes crucial to understand the causes of Amenorrhea to help prevent it from yourself.
There are a number of causes for Amenorrhea including, Natural Amenorrhea, Contraceptives, Medications, Hormonal Change, Organ Issues, Lifestyle, and History.

  1. Natural Amenorrhea.
    As time passes, women experience many changes in their body and that accounts for the natural way of experiencing the absence of periods. These can be,
    – Pregnancy.
    – Breastfeeding.
    – Menopause.
  2. Contraceptives.
    Oral contraceptives such as birth control pills may affect the body oddly, that even after stopping the dosage of the pills, it may take some time to return to the normal ovulation and menstruation cycle.
  3. Medication.
    Women going thrugh certain conditions suchs as cancer, blood pressure, depressionm, etc, may experience absence in periods due the chemotherapy, antipsychotics, andidepressants, allergy and BP medications.
  4. Hormonal Change.
    Women going through hormonal change such as PCOD (PCOS), thyriod malfunction. pituitart tumor, menopause may experience absence of periods and cause Amenorrhea.
  5. Organ Issues.
    Problems with sexual organs may itself be the cause of Amenorrhea. Some of the examples of issues with organs that causes the absence of periods are, Uterine Scarring, Reproductive Organ failure, abnormal Structural change of Vagina.
  6. Lifestyle and History.
    Lifestyle and the medical conditions of woman’s mother or any one from the ancesteral family have a severe role playing for the cause of Amenorrhea.
    Low body weight, Excessive excersive, Stress, Eating disorder, Family history, etc are some of the causes for the absence of periods.

What are the Complications Amenorrhea may have?

  • Infertility:- If there is no menstrual cycle, there will be no pregnancy and if the condition of Amenorrhea is not will treated from the doctors, this condition may cause infertility in women.
  • Stress:- It caises a great amount of stress for women, speculating the reasons behind not getting periods.
  • Pelvic Pain:- Amenorrhea, if not treated properly in time may cause great amount of pain in the pelvic area.

Treatment for Amenorrhea.

It is well adviced to see the doctors on regular basis and get the tests and treatment done before it cause more problems.
There are various types of tests to know the root cause of Amenorrhea,

  • Pregnancy tests to know whether the absence of periods is caused by the pregnancy.
  • Thyroid tests are done to understand the amount of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) in blood.
  • Ovary tests are conducted to measure the amount of Gollicle Hormone (FSH) in blood which shows if the ovaries are working properly.
  • Prolactin tests are conducted to measure the level of prolacting hormone, low level of which may cause Pituitary Gland Tumor.
  • Hormone challenge tests are conducted to a brief period of 10-days that triggers the menstrual bleeding, and it determines if the Estrogen level in body plays a role in Amenorrhea.
  • Ultrasound and MRI are done to produce detailed images of the tissues of the reproductive organs and related organs to determine if there is any organ issue to cause Amenorrhea.

There are may ways of preventing Amenorrhea in first place, which includes,

  • Work life balance.
  • Little exercise.
  • Meditation

But if, there are complications it gets better by reffering to a doctor.

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