Primolut N: Dosage, Effects, and Treatment

Primolut N is majorly used in Birth Control in form of pills, and also in Menopausal Hormone therapy, basically for Gynecological Disorder treatment in Women.


Primolut N is used for creating a delay in period and should be taken properly in limited quantity in regular intervals.
1 tablet should be taken three times daily for an interval of not more than 12 days. and the interval of taking the dosage should start 3 days before the expected time of the periods to start.

Periods generally start normally in 3 days after stopping the Primolut N dosage.

Primolut N
Primolut N


Primolut N may sometimes have a side-effect of causing irregular bleeding or spotting, and this is caused mainly because of the irregular dosage of the Primolut N pills and which in turn caused PCOD conditions, which shed the inner lining of the uterus more frequently. Generally, in a period of less than 2-weeks.


The best treatment for heavy bleeding is the dosage of Pause-MF Tablets. It prevents the breakdown of blood clots from the inner lining and also lessens the number of Estrogen Hormones that cause the bleeding signals.
The best time to take Pause-MF tablets is before having food, at the same time every day, to a period advised by the doctor.

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