Solar Storm slams Earth with Disruptive and Vulnerable Potentials

A latest geomagnetic even discovered a G1-class Solar Storm slams Earth with strong disruptive potentials and leaves Earth into a vulnerable state. The solar storm surprised earth nearby midnight on June 25th (UTC) and had its effect on the whole of the next day, that is 26th of June 2022.

According to, the scientists have classified the solar storm in G1-class, as it was strong enough to disrupt the power grid with variable fluctuations and cause effects on the satellite and the revolution with minor navigation blockage or fluctuations.

Solar Storm slams Earth with Disruptive and Vulnerable Potentials
Solar Storm slams Earth with Disruptive and Vulnerable Potentials

The unexpected Solar Storm slams Earth on the timeline when the major five planets were aligned to the Sun. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are lined up in the sky in a close range to Sun. This even was rare as it happened only after 1864.
The Solar Storm was taken by surprise by the scientist as the evident reason for its happening is still unknown and there were no preventive warnings initiated.

Initial theory suggests that this Solar storm might have been caused because of the Co-rotating Interaction Region (CIR) of the sun, that is, the transition region of the Sun where solar streams of various velocity meet, and has the potential of burping large solar storms without giving Sunspots and is extremely difficult to detect.

Scientists believe that the storm might have occurred on the far side of the Sun.

The Solar Storms caused unusual Auroras on earth, as captured by in their image.

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