Cervical Cap Contraception for a Better and Secure Birth Control

Cervical Cap Contraception keeps the Sperm away from the Egg by blocking it, to avoid Pregnancy and for this, a Cap is used. It is a Dome shaped object made of silicon and is inserted before intercourse.

The cervical Cap covers the cervix completely and rejects sperm from fertilizing eggs, as it then cannot reach the womb. Spermicide is used with the Cap that kills sperm in the form of gel, cream, and foam.
The cap should be left in place for at least 6 hours after having sex.
A cervical Cap is a precautionary type of Birth Control method with 88% efficiency, depending on whether the Cap was inserted properly.
Caps are reusable and can be washed.

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Cervical Cap Contraception for a Better and Secure Birth Control
Cervical Cap Contraception for a Better and Secure Birth Control

Cervical Cap Contraception is of two types:

The first is Femcap, which is available in three different sizes, depending on the pregnancy history of a woman, and the Second is Caya, which comes in just one size.
Both types are easy to fit, use, and remove.

Cap has a moderated preventive efficiency, which that means, 3 out of 10 women who use cap can become pregnant, and this majorly depends on whether the cap was inserted properly using the spermicide.
Cervical Cap Contraception has no side effects but needs to differ in size depending on the pregnancy, abortion, or miscarriage history.

How to Insert a Contraceptive Cap?

  • Firstly, the contraceptive Cap must be filled 1/3rd with the spermicide.
  • Avoid applying spermicide to the rims of the cap as it will prevent the cap from staying in place when inserted.
    (Femcap comes with a little gap between the rim and the circular part, and hence, spermicide should be applied to that area.)
  • Take the cap between your thumb and first two fingers and squeeze it as you slide the cap into your vagina.
  • Cap is fixed over the Cervix using suction action.
  • Choose the position you are comfortable in, like doing squats or lying down, or having one leg up. Your comfort is important.

How to Remove a Contraceptive Cap?

  • Using your index finger and thumb, gently pull the rim of the cap outwards.
  • Do not pull the circular dome directly, as the suction cervix may cause harm to it.
  • Cap should be left for 6 hours after the sex, as sperm can survive for up to 6 hours inside the vagina.

Working of Cervical Cap Contraception

Cap works as a barrier to prevent sperm from entering your womb, by blocking it at the cervix, and the spermicide used, then starts to kill/diffuse the sperm.
This whole process blocks the basic progress of getting pregnant by not allowing the sperm to meet to egg, and hence there is no fertilization of the egg.

How to take care of the Contraceptive Cap?

  • Never boil a cap in water, and always use warm or mild water to wash it.
  • Rinse it properly and allow it to dry itself.
  • Place it in a cold and dry place.
  • Cap tends to discolour over time, but this does not reduce its efficiency.
  • Always look for the damages on the cap before using it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cervical Cap Contraception


  • Convenient to use and can be worn and removed according to the needs.
  • No risks for health and sexual wellness.
  • Does not need extra care to store the product.


  • Moderate efficiency when compared to other contraceptive methods.
  • Limited protection against STIs.
  • One needs to learn about how to use the product properly.
  • If not used properly with spermicide, a woman can get pregnant.

How to buy the Cap?

Contraceptive Cap can be bought from any medical pharmacy or online by anyone who asks for it. It’s a preventive method for pregnancy and hence it is provided with any extra questions.

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