5.8 Earthquake hits India and Nepal, Strong Tremors felt in New Delhi

New Delhi, India:- Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake hits India and Nepal on Tuesday, as tremors were felt in the capital New Delhi and the areas surrounding it.
The earthquake hit on 24th January 2023, at 2.28 pm, as released by National Center for Seismology (NCS).

The epicentre of the Earthquake was Uttarakhand, about 150 km east of the Pithoragarh district.

5.8 Earthquake hits India and Nepal, Strong Tremors felt in New Delhi
5.8 Earthquake hits India and Nepal, Strong Tremors felt in New Delhi

As soon as the earthquake tremors were felt the residents of the Indian capital took to social media with photos and videos of the experience, such as of fans and tables shaking and people running to an open space to save themselves from any damage that might have caused due to its magnitude.
There were no initial damages reported caused by the earthquake.

The epicentre of the earthquake was Uttarakhand, which remains a sensitive Himalayan zone for earthquakes and it becomes more sensitive because of the land subsidence in the Joshimath, also known as the Sinking Town, where hundreds of cracks were seen earlier this year, on land and on the houses, after which all the residents of the Joshimath were shifted to another place by the local administration and government.

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