Meta restores Trump on Facebook and Instagram

Meta restores Trump on its major platform Facebook and Instagram after a two-year suspension due to his involvement and use of social media for January 6, 2021, Capitol Hill riots.

Trump was recently restored on Twitter after Elon Musk took over the company, where he was suspended for the same reason after January 6 Capitol Hill riots.

Meta restores Trump on Facebook and Instagram
Meta restores Trump on Facebook and Instagram

After Meta restores Trump on its social media, his followers and fans rushed to the comments with “Welcome Back” messages.
He has over 35 million followers on Facebook and over 24 million followers on Instagram.

Meta’s decision to restore him at the time when he will be competing in the Presidential race could boost his presidential campaign’s reach and connect to his voters.

While Meta and Twitter were heavily criticized for suppressing free speech, and that too of a sitting US President, they have made it clear in a blog post that any further posting of violating content will result in a suspension of a period from one month to two years.

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